Retirement strategies

Everyone would like to maintain the same standard of living in retirement as enjoyed during their working life.  With life expectancy increasing and continuing advances in healthcare, time spent in retirement is expanding and as a result requires careful advanced planning.

There are a wide range of areas to consider when planning for your retirement based upon your personal circumstances.  These may include;

  1. Reviewing current pension provisions to ensure they are adequate and with the right scheme for you
  2. Looking at new pension provisions to maximise your allowances
  3. Supplementing pension provisions with other sources of retirement income
    • Savings products
    • Investments
    • Property
  4. Looking at life assurance provisions, long term health care and medical insurances to maintain your quality of life
  5. Thinking ahead to plan when you will retire and how you will leave your business – will you pass it on to the next generation or sell it?

Making decisions on all the above has complex tax implications and for this reason professional advice in this area can help you maximise your retirement provisions.  Forward planning and maintaining balance and flexibility within your retirement provisions is key to a successful retirement plan.

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